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Wednesday, 29th September 2021

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is a proven and reliable technology to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOX) from diesel engine exhaust while matimizing fuel efficiency. It has been used by major heavy duty vehicle manufacturers like Mercedes, Volvo, Cummins and Daimler to meet the emission standards in place in different countries. Apart from manufacturers in Europe and USA, Japanese manufacturers UD Nissan and Hino have also introduced this technology in their engines.

SCR is an exhaust after treatment system which comprises of serveral parts includes an SCR catalyst after treatment chamber, Adblue / diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank, pump abd lines, and control and monitoring system. The system reduces NOx to near-zero levels by introducing very small dose of a non-toxic chemical, commonly known as Adblue or DEF. Adblue is a solution consisted of 32.5% automotive grade urea dissolved with de-ionized water. Adblue is injected into a catalytic converter, in which when heated, the urea turns into ammonia and reacts with the exhaust gas, and breaks down Nox into Nitrogen and water.

Our Products

To best suit for our customer's needs, TCIM provides numerous types of Adblue for selection. We also provide suitable equipment to ensure the proper handling of our Bluetech Adblue.

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We provide timely island-wide delivery to our comprehensive fleet of customers as well as our overseas partnership to best suit for their needs.