$1 Lithium Hand Pallet Truck Special!

Purchase a lithium hand pallet truck for only S$1 when you purchase any of our Clark Forklifts! Promotion end 30th June 2022.

*Limited units available

*Terms and conditions apply.

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$30 Cashback on Forklift Solid Tyre purchase

Enjoy $30 cashback* with every set (4 pieces) of forklift solid tires purchase.

Call us for a no-obligation quote at 9630-3142 or email tcim_parts@tanchong.com. Promotion ends 30th June 2022.

*Terms & conditions apply

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Air-Con Filter Replacement

Beat the heat and harmful air pollutants with regular air-con filter replacement.

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Can a dirty air filter cause your truck air-con not to cool?

The answer to the above question is a definite YES. If the air filter is not clean, the airflow gets restricted and thus the efficiency will surely reduce. Also, a dirty filter means a build-up of allergens which will cause health problems when they will enter through the air. Thus it is strongly advised to get your air filter checked.

A clogged air-con filter badly affects performance and cooling. It is the most simple thing that you can do yourself to maintain your truck's air-con. Just take the air filter out and clean it regularly. If the filter is too clogged, you should go for a replacement. The recommended replacement interval is 10,000km or once a year.

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The promotion ends on 31st March 2022.

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