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Introducing AdBlue – the essential solution for cleaner, greener driving. AdBlue, a high-purity urea-based fluid, is designed to reduce harmful nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines. It's simple to use, environmentally friendly, and helps your vehicle meet stringent emission standards. Choose AdBlue for a smoother, more eco-conscious journey. Drive the future with AdBlue.                                                            

Please Call us for a no-obligation quote at 9630-3142 or email to tcim_parts@tanchong.com

Promotion ends 30th September 2024

*Terms & conditions apply

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$100 rental PLUS trade-in your forklift for up to $1000 more!

Rent a forklift starting from $100 daily or $450 monthly PLUS trade-in your used forklift for up to $1000 more!

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Is your Forklift having problems with the Brakes? 

Enjoy 30% off on brake overhaul of your forklift from 1st July to 30th September 2024.

Let our expert technicians solve your problems with quick turnaround time.

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Free Brand New Forklift Seat on Forklift Solid Tyres Purchase

Free Brand New Forklift Seat* With Every Set (4 pieces) of Solid Tyres Purchase.      

Please Call us for a no-obligation quote at 9630-3142 or email to tcim_parts@tanchong.com.

The promotion ends on 30th September 2024.

*Terms & conditions apply

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Forklift Seal Kit Services

Forklift seal kits are an essential component of any forklift, ensuring that your forklift hydraulic system stays properly sealed and prevent leaks.

At TCIM, we offer top-quality forklift all types seal kit replacement services for your Forklifts, designed to keep your equipment running smoothly once again.

We are offering 10% off on all seal kit replacements until 30th September 2024.

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Get a Service Credit of S$1,000 with every Brand New Clark Forklift or Reach Truck Purchase.

Call 6703-8075 for terms and conditions. The Promotion ends on 30th June 2023.

Promotion Details

From now till the end of June 2023, every purchase of a new Clark Forklift or Reach Truck will come with a S$1,000 Service Credit. 

The service credit can be used to redeem maintenance and repairs to the purchased forklift or reach truck.

It can also be used to redeem the purchase of solid tires or wheels.

To be eligible for the service credit, orders must be signed and the deposit must be paid by 31st March 2023.

The deposit paid is non-refundable.

Contact us at 6703-8075 for assistance.

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